Our Preschool classes are for three- to four-year-oldchildren. Our teachers encourage your child's self-esteem by offering experiences that challenge, and do not overwhelm or frustrate.

To meet the expectations of our childcare curriculum in East Brunswick, the children are encouraged to share. Through games, puzzles, and songs, language is presented in an exciting way that is stimulating, fun and involving. Group activities promote a willingness to listen and pay attention, to focus on a task and complete it.

Small motor skills are developed through the use of materials including arts and crafts, puzzles, Legos, and other manipulatives.

Children learn readiness skills through playing in our learning centers.

The Land of the Letter People curriculum begins these small students on the road to reading by making letters and the sounds they represent accessible. Similarly, as they play with a variety of math-related materials, they can learn to classify, compare, and measure. Math and number concepts are reinforced at circle time through the use of calendar, weather, songs, finger plays and games.

The proper mix of playthings can spark imaginations, boost coordination, challenge critical thinking skills and create long-lasting memories. Numbers are more meaningful when they correspond to concrete materials and everyday items.

Our computer program begins in these classrooms, identifying your child's specific learning needs, and offers instruction where it is most needed to encourage independent playing and learning.

Commuter convenient, we are located in East Brunswick, just off of Route 18, near the Lowe's Home Improvement Center and Value City Furniture. Children's Choice is less than 3 miles from SayrevilleSouth RiverMilltown, and Spotswood, and we are dedicated to providing the best educational daycare for your child.