Energetic, enthusiastic, and curious, our Pre-Kindergarten children are between the ages of four and five years old. They are establishing self-confidence and a positive attitude toward learning. Teachers provide opportunities for them to accomplish meaningful tasks and to participate in learning experiences in which they can succeed and yet be challenged.

Our enriched curriculum addresses learning in all developmental areas. The foundations of the early years of life are of crucial importance to intellectual development and the desire to learn. Our teachers at Children's Choice present basic concepts in an exciting way that is stimulating, fun, interesting, and involving.

Pre-Kindergarteners experience phenomenal growth in language through increasing vocabulary, using fuller and more complex sentences and improving conversational skills.

Math brings together the experiences, ideas, and skills to help children organize their world. Exploratory activities and interactions with materials lay the groundwork for the development of mathematical concepts. The content of the math curriculum may include matching, sorting, patterning, comparing, classifying, ordering, measuring and graphing.

Computer learning is an essential part of our childcare curriculum. Reading and math skills are reinforced and strengthened by the independent use of the computer in each classroom.

An entertaining approach in teaching Spanish is presented through a variety of songs, games, videos, projects and worksheets.

Our Pre-K classroom is an ideal setting for developing social and emotional skills. Within this group, children relate to other children their own age. Through play, children are developing friendships that enable them to refine their social behavior.

Commuter convenient, we are located in East Brunswick, just off of Route 18, near the Lowe's Home Improvement Center and Value City Furniture. Children's Choice is less than 3 miles from SayrevilleSouth RiverMilltown, and Spotswood, and we are dedicated to providing the best educational daycare for your child.